[Audrey Collection Poem 2] I think of you

Under the auspices of freedom 

Beyond the shadows of existence

In every month and season

In every minute and instance

I think of you and I dream 

In the midst of the glorious horizon

When the sun sinks deep in the oceans

I see you, I feel you and I smell you

In those moments I can see you

Putting your make up on and dancing

I see you under the rain 

Smiling and standing

Taking a deep breath,

Looking at the sky in depth 

Gazing every human walking

Hearing the sound of wood knocking

I can almost grasp the feel of modesty in your heart

I can almost procure the beginning and start

I can see through your skin

What your veins are holding

Pounds of love

Extra soft 

With lilies from the spring

And birds that sing

The beauty of things to be seen

In these dark nights through dreams

Reality next to the clarity of the sun


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