[Audrey Collection Poem 1] Behold a tree I am

Behold a tree I am
Behold the silent stand
Hear the quiet talk
the poems I brought
Smell the spring blossoms
In its ambiguous form
Decipher the words
decipher the heart
Leave all swords
and procure all art
Heart on your sleeves
hidden from thieves
Shades of blue
revealing the truth
Out the ashes of fire
comes our own desire
Down the road to glory
emotions so holy
The journey to despair
brings your evening flare
Away from the eyes
yet, closer to the soul
Love is the gain
The cure to pain
A touch of a hand
puts motion the plan
Sun of the truth
behold our roots
Clouds in the sky
lure us to fly
Virtue to my patience
and patience to my virtue
Keep me standing like a tree
In the middle of the seatree_in_the_middle_of_the_sea__1600x1200[1].jpg

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