[Audrey Collection Poem 3] She says: “Stay humble”

She says stay humble

Make the world better

Don’t let it crumble

And in the process, stay humble

She says don’t let hate fill you

Always stay happy and smile

She says even when anger is in you

Show them you’re the human kind

Let drops of modesty flow through your blood

Fight so hard to brush rage off

But, keep your class

and your elegance at hand

Stay healthy, stay safe

Keep your head up while gazing the space

Who is she?

You see her brushing her shoulders

from all the madness that was around her

You see her smiling like a victory soldier

without any tears or emotions stirred

A smile reciprocating the happiness of a child

or that of an old man living a life of strive

A smile of a young woman throwing worrisome aside

or that of a mother gazing her child

The beauty to the truth

mirrored with a smile

Her cheek bones stretched

To push hate aside

Short lines and long lines of poetry for her

Yet, nothing compared to her beautiful soul

Nothing on Earth could ever paint

That eccentric soul & her immense grace




[Audrey Collection Poem 2] I think of you

Under the auspices of freedom 

Beyond the shadows of existence

In every month and season

In every minute and instance

I think of you and I dream 

In the midst of the glorious horizon

When the sun sinks deep in the oceans

I see you, I feel you and I smell you

In those moments I can see you

Putting your make up on and dancing

I see you under the rain 

Smiling and standing

Taking a deep breath,

Looking at the sky in depth 

Gazing every human walking

Hearing the sound of wood knocking

I can almost grasp the feel of modesty in your heart

I can almost procure the beginning and start

I can see through your skin

What your veins are holding

Pounds of love

Extra soft 

With lilies from the spring

And birds that sing

The beauty of things to be seen

In these dark nights through dreams

Reality next to the clarity of the sun

[Audrey Collection Poem 1] Behold a tree I am

Behold a tree I am
Behold the silent stand
Hear the quiet talk
the poems I brought
Smell the spring blossoms
In its ambiguous form
Decipher the words
decipher the heart
Leave all swords
and procure all art
Heart on your sleeves
hidden from thieves
Shades of blue
revealing the truth
Out the ashes of fire
comes our own desire
Down the road to glory
emotions so holy
The journey to despair
brings your evening flare
Away from the eyes
yet, closer to the soul
Love is the gain
The cure to pain
A touch of a hand
puts motion the plan
Sun of the truth
behold our roots
Clouds in the sky
lure us to fly
Virtue to my patience
and patience to my virtue
Keep me standing like a tree
In the middle of the seatree_in_the_middle_of_the_sea__1600x1200[1].jpg